One month to go…

Here is the penultimate progress picture…I realised that I have missed the last one when I was away galavanting in Southern Africa. Probably for the best as I fell off the wagon and spent 10 days eating steak cooked in butter, drinking and doing very little training haha.

Last progress picture but one, and as I said to Marcus at Combat Ready on Friday when he asked about how close I was to my target weight (70kg). I am virtually exactly the  same weight as when I started, just a lot denser. 

And my grand total weight-loss over 19 weeks of training is 3.8kg…I'm just a lot denser!

And my grand total weight-loss over 19 weeks of training is 3.8kg…I’m just a lot denser!

Now for my current psychological dramas. The brutal realisation dawned this weekend that there are only 4 weeks left before the race itself I am griped with a sense of inevitability/my impending doom, which was not helped by supporting my wee brother at this weekend’s City to Summit race.

He was doing awesomely well, finished the bike on schedule, but with a sore knee. Then it all went down hill…quite literally…and he ended up being dropped back at the finish by the medic not begin able to complete. As they say these things happen, but I was anticipating him doing fine as I have always been the least sporty (ability wise) of my siblings, so now I’m having a bit of a wobble. 

That being said this week’s training has been great. Fab OW swims at Threipmuir in the Pentland Hills, National Park on Wednesday and then Portobello Beach on Friday. Topped off with an awesome run on Saturday morning…pictures to follow. 

Now all I have left to go is one week of training followed by the race trial week and then two taper weeks. The end is in sight. However, any advice on psychology would be much appreciated at this point haha.

All that’s left is to show you the pictures of Scotland in the sunshine!

Feeling virtuous…

…I’m not sure virtuous is the right term. Smug is probably better. You find me back at my desk with porridge and coffee in hand after finally getting back in the pool after what must be something like 4 months off.

There is something about getting up at 6-6.30am on a Monday morning and going to the pool that is truly awesome, psychologically scaring and physically painful, but awesome. It’s like climbing up to the 10m dive platform and launching yourself off into the week…as long as nothing goes wrong you’re off to a flying start!

This is training week -2…i.e. 2 weeks before I start training for Celtman proper. Time to see what is and isn’t working after the Highland Warrior back in September…looks like everything is working okay but not a strong, flexible or fast as I’d like, but hey hoe…that’s what you get for sitting on your backside for 4 months. 

Anyway we are off and rolling…wish me luck.